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Table Rock Lake offers Branson Fishing Guide Clients unparalleled scenery and fantastic fishing.

While the lake boasts an abundance of bass, crappie, white bass, catfish, and bluegill, Table Rock is acclaimed as one of the best bass fishing lakes in this hemisphere. Its reputation for producing hefty stringers of bass laced with lunkers was earned through an unprecedented management program. A 15-inch length limit and creel limit of six fish linked with an abundant food chain in the lake, is the foundation of this fine program. The result is a resurgence of large numbers of largemouth, Kentucky and smallmouth bass of exceptional size available anytime of the year for the professional and novice angler alike.

Fish Species targeted by Branson Fishing Guide | Focused Fishing Guide Service

Table Rock Lake contains several species of game and pan fish including:

Dominate Species: Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass, White Crappie, Bluegill and Long Ear sunfish.

Secondary Species: White Bass and Black Crappie

Limited Species: Walleye, Warmouth, Striped Bass

Seasonal Fishing Techniques used by Branson Fishing Guide Service

Spring: As the water rises and warms the fish in Table Rock Lake become more active moving into shallow areas seeking spawning locations. The King’s River has the most color and will warm first followed by the James River. If targeting Largemouth look for areas with shallow wood cover in eight foot or less, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass will be in the clearer water from the mid lake to the dam and can be found holding on rock cover 15 feet deep or deeper. Popular baits include; suspending jerkbaits like Smithwick Rouges or Lucky Craft Pointers, white War Eagle spinnerbaits, tight wiggling crankbaits like a Storm Wiggle Wart and small jig and craw combos such as a Jewel Eakins’ Jig and Craw. Once the spawn is complete fish will move out of spawning areas and suspend on points, bluff ends and drop offs feeding on abundant threadfin shad, topwater baits like a Heddon Spook or Lucky Craft Sammy are very effective early and late in the day. Small buzzbaits, floating worms and Yamamoto Senko are all productive post-spawn baits on Table Rock. On windy days a 4” single tail smoke colored grub on a ¼ oz. head can be hard to beat on flat pea gravel points and flats.

Summer: Most of the fishing on the lower end of the lake in the summer takes place well off shore. Spotted bass are the primary target and can be caught on spoons, drop shot rigs and ¾ oz Jewel football jigs. The fish will generally be found holding on the sides of deep points from 30’ – 70’ deep. Using high quality sonar units fishermen will locate schools of spotted bass and drop baits directly into the school to trigger strikes. While not impossible to catch, Smallmouth become pretty tight lipped in the heat of summer, most are caught on the bottom holding tight to rock cover; shaky head worms, Jewel spider jigs, Chompers’ spider grubs and tubes from 25’ – 45’ deep. Largemouth can be found in the stained water of the James and Kings rivers, 8” and 10” Berkley Power worms, Jewel Heavy Cover Football Jigs and deep diving crankbaits like DD-22’s and DT-16’s in chartreuse or shad colors are the most effective baits. Look for Largemouth to be on points near main river or creek channel drops, target isolated brush piles and standing timber to be effective.

Fall: Much like spring fall is a transition time for bass on Table Rock; fish move out of their deep water summer haunts following schools of shad as they move toward the backs of creeks in search of zooplankton blooms. Channel swing banks and points close to channel swings become very important in the fall, these areas act like holding areas for both shad and bass causing both to “bunch up” making the bass easier to catch. Productive baits include Jewel spider and football jigs, Storm Wiggle Wart crankbaits and War Eagle Spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. Look for wood cover on these type of banks in the James and Kings River areas, while mixed rock will hold Smallmouth in the lower end of the lake and Spotted bass can be on either wood or rock of cover.

Winter: This can be one of the most productive times of the year for Spotted and Smallmouth bass, both species will school together and follow large schools of threadfin shad into major creek arms and up the river arms. A quality sonar unit is crucial to find and catch these fish as they are usually suspended over water from 40’ – 150’ deep using the shad as cover and a source of food. During this time of year once you find the bait you will likely find the fish and you rarely find less than 20 or 30. Spoons, drop shot rigs and blade baits are your best bet this time of year, once the fish are located it is a matter of dropping the bait in front of them to trigger a strike. Fishing small jigs like an Eakins’ jig or a ¼ oz. buck hair jig is a good secondary pattern in the winter. Deep rocky points and bluff ends will hold all three species of bass from 10’ – 35’ deep.

Table Rock Lake, Branson Fishing Guide Focused Fishing Professional Guide Service offer angling enjoyment regardless of the season. Call Branson Fishing Guide Focused Fishing Professional Guide Service today to book a memorable fishing experience.

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 Call 417-860-4743 To Book your Trip of a Lifetime

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Eric and I had an excellent half day trip on Table Rock! He picked me up at MY dock (wow!) and taught me a ton about bass fishing. He is exceptionally knowledgable about Table Rock Lake and I would HIGHLY recommend that you book with him!


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